I hope these videos will help you and result in you contacting me so we can work together on overcoming cross cultural and/or cross generational barriers you face. 

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This short video clip will give you an idea of how I presented this seminar.   

 Before this seminar started I had gone out into the audience and spoke to a few people attending so that I could get an idea of how they were feeling about the topic of a seminar.

From my conversation with a few people from the large audience, it was apparent that they were not having much success selling to prospects from different cultures.  Frankly, they were frustrated and wanted practical insights on “what to do” to overcome cross-cultural sales obstacles.

Discussing Cultural Selling

The video of this TV appearance addresses cross cultural selling and negotiating. The interview also addresses haggling and the significant differences between buying cultures and haggling cultures.

Cultural Differences

The video of this TV appearance addresses the different time cultures of the world.

It also covers the important relationship between a culture’s view of time and the level of trust of the culture.

Generational Differences

The video of this TV appearance addresses how different generations can have very different first impressions of something.

 For example, the first impression a person of one generation has of home for sale can be very different than that of someone from a different generation.

Increasing Your Closing Ratio 30% – 50% When Multicultural Selling

This video addresses key points on why most sales professionals are not as successful as possible selling to prospects from different cultures. These points apply equally in the Canadian and American markets.