Most leading organizations realize that providing excellent customer service is very important their success.

It is a good idea to fully recognize that each generation is strikingly different. Each generation has grown up during very different times which has shaped their values, beliefs, behaviors, and expectations.

A customer service representative who lacks cross-generational sensitivity training can be limit in their ability to provide an excellent “customer experience” to an individual from a different generation. For example, Generation Y customer service representatives can be seen by Traditionalists as lacking empathy or sympathy to their more elderly needs.

A company whose customer service professionals have receive generational sensitive training can be a strong “competitive edge” in  providing customer service.

Complimentary Post-Training Support 

We provide our clients with complimentary Cross Cultural Customer Care coaching for three months after the training to ensure clients achieve the highest possible ROI from the cross generational training provided. After that, generational coaching is provided at a reasonable rate.

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